Everyone has a life.

Does yours have a strategy?

It’s time for your future to take flight.

“I’m not enough.” That’s what I hear in 75% of my coaching conversations, from middle managers to to the executive suite. The leadership the world needs is being held hostage by limited thinking. My superpower is helping high-performance women design a whole-life strategy that unleashes the talent in you that the world needs today.

I have a PhD in Not Enough and I can show you the way out by designing your life strategy

Donna Carlson
Life Strategy Coach & Team Synergist


Your Life Strategy on Fire Workshop

You are already a high-performing woman. How can you generate the energy and mental clarity you need to be a sustainable success? This workshop gives you the tools to know how you are made and the NeuroRx process to multiply your productivity and purpose.

Come explore with us on August 23.

Only $197. More here.

Yoga Workshop July 28

Your Life, God’s Masterpiece is the Jesus-centered component of our signature program, your life & leadership 360º, on the mat.

  • At 8:30 we will have a 90-minute yoga flow class for all levels with lights low, music slow and a Life Satisfaction exercise.
  • At 10:30 we will turn up the heat and the music, rocking out for a 90-minute power-optional class with an inspirational focus on how to turn up the heat on living a life of purpose.

Both classes are a worship experience on the mat. Registration options here.

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“It is rare that you come across someone as talented as Donna. I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Donna on staff and leadership projects from development to execution, and Donna is versatile, impact-focused, and effective. Moreover, she naturally cares about the enduring results and this commitment has made all the difference.” LeMinh Hoang

Director of People & Culture, The MacArthur Foundation

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