360º Feedback Workshops

Awareness is the mother of progress. Our 360º Feedback Workshops are designed for small businesses to help leaders and teams diagnose how to optimize the people on their teams. We'll lead you through the 360º survey and moderate a workshop where we review the philosophy behind giving and receiving feedback. Each member will meet 1:1 with a coach to review individual results and then gather as a team for action planning - putting the data to work for your business.

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We take a 360º approach to coaching - that means we don't separate life and career coaching. After all, you bring your whole life with you to work every day! We can:

  • coach individuals on development plans
  • coach managers on developing their teams
  • provide 360º Feedback for executives
  • lead you to create Your 360º Life Strategy
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The 360º approach to equipping teams is to take a forest view of the trees - seeing how each member is built and how they are feeding the soil for growth in your organization. We can:

  • ignite greater energy and engagement
  • equip managers to inspire & motivate teams
  • train teams to create a growth mindset
  • advise executives to create a thriving culture


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Our retreats provide a canvas for restoration, renovation and reinvention. Bring your whole self and you will leave with a strategy to make the plans for your life or business unfold. We can also bring the retreat to you with keynotes and seminars on:

  • Your Life, the Masterpiece - a wholistic perspective on getting the most out of every day
  • Your Mind & its Friends - a shallow dive into the neuroscience behind productivity at work and in life
  • Your Resiliency - simple and easy to activate strategies for overcoming the monkey of stress
  • Your Reinvention - a life strategy planning retreat. This is more than just yoga. Your future begins now, why not discover it?

We can customize a retreat for your friends, your church, or your workplace team. Contact donna@360lifestrategies.com to plan your retreat or keynote today.

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