You don't need a title or authority to influence 360º in your world. True influence begins with your mindset. We're here to help you uncover it.

We binge on the science of productivity and engagement so you can focus on the work of building your business. There is amazing research unearthed in this decade and continuing to be discovered that unlocks influence and motivation in lives and organizations like never before. 

Donna Carlson, founder and 360º chief strategist, has a unique blend of 25 years in high-tech public relations, journalism, market research, global non-profit organizational communications and leadership development marketing. This crucial combination gives her a field guide perspective on how to see people as strategy, igniting the best in every team member as an ambassador of the brand by uncovering their potential. The future of your life and organization is waiting. Are you ready to discover it?

360º Leaders

Donna has crafted workshops and coaching programs to help leaders in the middle influence the organization 360 degrees. This is her specific area of expertise because Donna has led from the middle her entire career. After a 25 year public relations career, Donna reinvented as a coach and trainer to bring a 360º perspective to life and leadership. Her workshops and coaching programs are based on years in the trenches.

As a trainer, she is certified in The Center for Creative Leadership's Benchmarks® 360 assessments and trained in all five sciences of psychometric assessments administered by TTI Success Insights. As master yoga instructor, Donna applies everyday mindfulness to her programs through practical applications. Her signature course, your life 360º, optimizes the ecosystem of the human body through an active learning environment so you can achieve a bigger mind, a happy life and greater impact on your world.

Life Strategy Design®

Sometimes people reach a wall in their life and leadership. They can't be separated. The only way to succeed in your career is to bring your whole life to the table. Donna crafted the Life Strategy Design® coaching program to help people understand who they are, how they're made and what they're going to do with it. This coaching program is the culmination of 20 years of research in wholistic design and discovery of your true self. You might need to engage in Life Strategy Design® if:

  • you are hitting a wall in your career,
  • you need help creating a development plan,
  • or you are in a period of reinvention.

Do you know that your company will cough up 250% of your salary to replace you? Hiring and keeping good employees sometimes needs a strategy. That's what we're here for.

Next Steps...

Are you looking for how to get the best out of your life? Out of your team? Let's talk about how we can cultivate a development mindset in your leaders and a thriving ecosystem in your organization.

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