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Have you ever seen a 360 degree camera? It captures the room from every perspective. To influence 360º in an organization is to touch every point of view - up, down and sideways. To truly succeed as a 360º leader, though, you have to see "life" through the same lens.

I'm Donna Carlson, a 360º Leader Coach and Life Strategist helping you create bigger minds, happier people and greater impact. Behind the "life" in my logo is a picture of me with my kids as a reminder that there is a reason why we do what we do. The superpowers we exercise at work, we wield for a reason. Sure, maybe it's power or ego, but when we outgrow those things we realize what really counts. For me, that's my husband and kids. To have the energy and mental strength to successfully influence others, it takes a 360º approach to leadership and to life. Part of that approach is getting the information you need to design a high performance life. You might check out my blog by that title here. That' end goal is why I have created two signature programs. Here's a little more about each of them:

your life 360º

This training and development program equips professionals seeking greater precision performance in life and leadership. The program addresses who you are through psychometric assessment and then goes into detail on how you're made. We learn just enough about the human body and the interdependence of spirit, soul and strength to develop our own rhythms for optimizing our energy and performance.

I've led from the middle my entire career, so my workshops and coaching programs are not based on HR theory. They're based on years in the trenches. My mid-life reinvention led me from a career in public relations to a coaching career, so I can help you craft a the life you were designed for. I'm always building, growing, learning, but here are some credentials that matter.

  • The Center for Creative Leadership's Benchmarks® 360 assessments
  • TTI Success Insights rich suite of five sciences of psychometric assessments
  • John Maxwell Team
  • Master yoga instructor since 2010

The best way to see if I can help is to give me a call. Tell me what's going on in your organization and lets see what we can do to create bigger minds, happier people and greater impact... in your organization and your whole life.

Life Strategy Design®

Sometimes people reach a wall in their life and leadership. They can't be separated. The only way to succeed in your career is to bring your whole life to the table. I crafted the Life Strategy Design coaching program to help people understand who they are, how they're made and what they're going to do with it.

This coaching program is the culmination of 20 years of research in wholistic design and discovery of your true self. You might need to engage in Life Strategy Design® if:

  • you are hitting a wall in your career,
  • you need help creating a development plan,
  • or you are in a period of transition and need to rethink your course.

Life Strategy Design is a six month intensive coaching process, customized for each coaching client. My place or yours.


Wondering why the butterflies?

These are the creatures of reinvention. If you haven't spent a bit of time learning the process of metamorphosis, then we need to have a conversation.

your organization 360º

I can modify the program for use as a development planning process in your organization. Do you know that to replace a skilled employee costs 250% of their salary? Let's talk about how to keep the good people you have by discovering their superpowers.

Next Steps...

Are you looking for how to get the best out of your life? Out of your team? Let's talk about how we can cultivate a development mindset in your leaders and a thriving ecosystem in your organization.

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