My superpower is helping women in mid-life design a strategy to get life and leadership on rails to the next level. I coach individuals to know those superpowers and teams to harness them for maximum impact by leading and living .

360 degrees

The whole thing. Living fully alive in every direction, inside and out.


You only get one chance at this one. What are you going to make of it?


How you get from here to there, creating a vision and plotting a course.


People ask me if I'm a life coach or an executive coach. The answer is "Yes."  I coach whole humans. You can't show up fully in your career if you don't show up fully in life. I also believe you already know the answer you seek. It's my job to help you discover it.

Need a speaker? My best keynote is on curating your life strategy - how to get from where you are to where you need to be. I also love to talk about how you leverage the best of each team member to create sustainable synergy on a team. More speaker details here. Let's talk!

Life Strategy Coach & Team Synergist


Next Steps...

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