When I worked for The Center for Creative Leadership we used to joke that there is no such thing as a leadership emergency. Seeing what I’ve seen in the past few years, I disagree. We are right smack in the middle of a leadership emergency. The current dearth in emotional intelligence is startling at all levels, from our high school sports teams to the highest levels of leadership. I know many woman who have equally startling intelligence and drive. What keeps us from taking the land, ladies? The time is now.

See that picture of Paris? After a year of examining the market for women in leadership, or women pursuing leadership, I’ve discovered what women really want. Conversations with women from entry level (aspiring growth) to CEO reveal the same five wants:

  • confidence
  • balance
  • purpose
  • resources
  • friends

When I talk about my fancy pants Life Strategy Design coaching program I get many eager nods, but when I talk about a wine and yoga retreat outside of Paris I hear, “When can I sign up?” I led a one-day life strategy workshop last week and the whole class told me, “This would be more effective if I had a whole weekend to take it in.” Well, as my former business parter used to say, “Toyota. You asked for it. You got it.”

Today marks my 10 day countdown before I head out on a scouting trip to look at castles, chateaus and retreat properties in Canterbury, England, and the wine country near Paris so I can bring women kicking glass together for a little restoration and reinvention. The time for leadership is now. Register to attend a future workshop or mastermind today.