How do I maximize the value of my human assets?

I sat next to a turnaround CEO in a workshop over the weekend for #4word women at C-level. She told me about her unique approach with one turnaround job - how the investor was astounded that she didn't use the usual slash and burn tactic that makes turnaround CEOs...

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Detox Formula for Teams

Last week I spoke with two groups. One was an intact team, the other was a group of professionals who manage teams in their respective organizations. Both groups have the same issues. Both groups asked: Why don't more people act like grown ups? Why don't people follow...

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Toxic Teams: What Makes a Tree Grow Sideways?

The subject of toxic teams comes up a lot in my workshops. In fact, the first workshop of the summer ended on this bright note: we can all work on raising our leadership level in life, but there are some people who just won't get it. This picture...

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What’s the difference in a millionaire?

I just spent a week with nearly 1,000 entrepreneurs who have banded together to get one million female entrepreneurs to $1 million in revenue. The atmosphere is quite electric with hope, promise and tremendous talent. In the wee hours after the conference closed, I...

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Herds of Camels

This week marks a line in the proverbial sand for me, which is what happens when we get clarity about who we are and what we're doing. Since I coach others, I have a coach keeping my path straight and he asks hard questions. Really hard questions. That's what you hire...

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My Porsche

A group of clients were leaving my home office when one of them headed for her Porsche and someone commented that they thought the Porsche in my driveway was my car. I laughed out loud and said, "I drive a Subaru." As they laughed and drove off, I wondered if I would...

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