Holiday Cure: The Neuroscience of Dance

You know it's going to happen. Someone will say something in the next few weeks that will trigger a reaction. It might be anger, sadness or even depression. Mine was mashed potatoes. And it triggered all three. We don't need to over analyze my psychosis, but let's say...

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Does it feel like your great idea is stuck?

Cat came to our mastermind meeting seeking a strategy to balance her life. She had a good "job" but over time admitted more and more how it sucked the life out of her soul. She talked about her"side gig" and how she'd like to balance her time between the two. After...

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Why can’t your new year commitments start now?

Last week I had one piece of pie. I'm not writing to brag (although I am quite proud) and I'm certainly not writing to make you feel bad if you had more. (Just see my last blog on the four chocolate chocolate chunk cookies I had the week before Thanksgiving.) The...

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Isn’t is beautiful this time of year?

That's a line from one of my family's favorite Christmas movies: "Isn't it beautiful this time of year? All that snow?" White Christmas used to be the movie I fell asleep to every year and then came Netflix... once I could watch it earlier in the day I actually...

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a thousand words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but  there are so many good words in the world. If you like my blog, you will like my inspiration. Check out my Book Club.