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The Impact of Wellbeing on Productivity

You don't have to be as old as me to remember the ad with the egg saying, "this is your brain" and dropping the egg in a hot frying pan saying, "this
By : donna360 | Feb 19, 2018

Self-Awareness: Meta Skill of the Century

The featured image for this post shows a woman in a boat who is seems to have noticed that her journey has left a mark, an interrupted path. Maybe it's because I
By : donna360 | Feb 15, 2018

Taming the Monkeys

Last night have me hours to draft this blog post. It was one of those nights that we experience after 50 when sleep comes hard to get. What happens when you are
By : donna360 | Feb 9, 2018

The Right Hat for the Moment

I just got back from training coaching skills in managers last week thinking on the number one questions managers ask the most: how do you know which hat to wear? You see
By : donna360 | Jan 24, 2018

The Science of Happiness

My best discovery this week is that happiness is more than just a collection of happy moments. The image you see here is one of many happy moments on a family vacation.
By : donna360 | Jan 15, 2018

Your One Thing

What does a caterpillar need to evolve? Does it make a list of 10 resolutions with a step-by-step process for becoming a butterfly? Take your mind back to this time last year.
By : donna360 | Jan 3, 2018

The Strength of Your Leadership

A friend of mine with ceaseless energy is writing another book. (I’m still working on my first!) I’ve asked her how she knows that she’s doing the right thing, not wasting her
By : donna360 | Dec 22, 2017

The Spirit of Your Leadership

Just got off the phone with one of my favorite people. David would be described by many as a spiritual person, as many of my friends would describe me...even though he and
By : donna360 | Nov 30, 2017
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Donna is not only an excellent speaker but is also able to coach professionals to curate greater impact in their life and leadership. Her approach is multi-faceted with a mixture of science and business research lending to sustainable results. Carrie. D. ClarkConsultant and Business Coach,
Donna really leads the way in workshop facilitation and partnership to deliver the message of effective coaching and facilitation. Her experience and expertise is broad. Her professional presentation and inviting collaboration is truly outstanding. Angela K. Edwards, PhD.Coaching Practice Leader, Center for Creative Leadership
We found Donna to be a highly engaged expert in organizational culture and needs. She listened deeply to our needs and submitted a proposal for work that met and exceeded our parameters. Donna is a true partner and I personally found her to warm and collaborative. She has a high degree of integrity and is passionate about building strong relationships and bringing the best out of people in organizations. I would recommend Donna for any work that involves partnering to strengthen people and organizations. Leigha KinnearManager of Learning and Organizational Development,, Northwestern University

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