Nurturing into the Future

When my eldest daughter left for college, her sister took over her room. Now when Caitlin comes home, she doesn't even have closet space. The nest has become uncomfortable. Nature reminds us of the way God has set up the universe to work, including how we nurture our...

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Nurturing in the Workplace

Do you remember the first time you fell and skinned your knee? There's moment when all time slows down and you're not sure if you're supposed to laugh or cry. Do you recall the reaction of the people around you? That moment can impact a child's mindset forever. I...

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A music professor in college told Chris Tomlin that he'd never amount to anything in music. I remember the time my husband and I went to see him for the first time at a church. He was traveling with all his gear in a U-Haul trailer. We sat on the first row. I turned...

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Brain Detox

I often wake up with a deluge of mental flotsam in my head - memories of conversations I'd rather redo or situations I'd like to rewrite. There's a virtual slideshow of grief and regret… no, not a slide show, it's motion picture on fast forward, running reel after...

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Involuntary Leadership

We all know how LinkedIn posts any change in your experience as a new job. I just added to my profile that I'm the chair for local non-profit chapter for professional women...and was surprised the next day have over 100 messages saying, "Congrats on your new job!"...

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Centrifugal Force of Doubt

Do you remember using the centrifuge in high school chemistry? It’s in physical force of spinning at a high velocity separates compounds in a mixture. When I was in high school, we played with the concept of centrifugal force at the amusement park. They let people in...

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