Your brain at work

Do you ever feel like your brain is not working? I just came back from Texas for a weekend. When I go to the home country, I psychologically synapse into my childhood, which includes chicken-fried steak and Mexican food. I eat lots of chips and guacamole without...

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A Great Leader is like a Fine Wine

This is not just a metaphor. There are some noteworthy similarities between the challenges of the winemaker and the leadership development experience. I've gleaned this amazing knowledge from my copy of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wine. Take a look. To develop a...

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Dangerous Conversations

I remember the end of my first year in a high-stakes sales role. I blew my goal out of the water…and I told my whole family at Thanksgiving how happy I was in my new job. The following week, my boss sat me down to review the year. “I’m concerned,” he said. “You hit...

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It’s Monday. Are you living the dream?

Two weeks ago I stepped out of the train station in Paris looking fabulous and hoping someone would discover me as the fashion model I always wanted to be. With my hair bouncing in the breeze, my scarf flying behind me, I focused my eyes on the taxi stand and… stepped...

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Your Thoughts Can Change your Brain

Have you ever experienced depression or anxiety? Surely you know someone who has. Here's how you might see it at work. Have you had a hard time focusing on a task? Have you noticed an absent-minded body habit, like chewing your cuticles to shreds? Do you have a team...

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a thousand words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but  there are so many good words in the world. If you like my blog, you will like my inspiration. Check out my Book Club.