This is not just a metaphor. There are some noteworthy similarities between the challenges of the winemaker and the leadership development experience. I’ve gleaned this amazing knowledge from my copy of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wine. Take a look.

To develop a fine wine, you need to understand

  • Grape Variety & How it’s Grown
  • Climate & Soil
  • the Vintner’s Intent & Expertise

To develop the leader, you need to understand

  • the unique innate gifts of the leader and how those gifts have been developed
  • the hard-wired thinking gained in that leader’s upbringing and the culture they’re in
  • the purpose and life mission that leader was designed for…

To further the wine metaphor, if you use the right process on the wrong grape, you will get bad wine. If you use the right process at the wrong time, same. If you don’t understand the best growing climate for the variety of grape you have, I think you get the picture.

I’m doing this viticulture research for a new retreat I’m producing called New Wine: Restoration for the Executive Woman. If you are interested in hearing more about the four-day experience, message me to get on my mailing list .

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