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Donna Carlson is the founder of 360º Life Strategies – coaching individuals, teams and organizations to create bigger minds, happier people and greater impact. Her coaching philosophy cultivates leaders with 360 degrees of influence in the organization by taking a whole-life approach to their development.

In the discovery of where their best assets lie – in their people – top leaders are finding Donna's Life Strategy Design process to be the secret sauce to helping individual link their innate talents, motives and instincts with their passion to better align with organizational priorities. She's also designed a workshop called your life 360º that navigates the building blocks of personal happiness, influence and impact by understanding the ecosystem of the human body. Cultivated in her Master of Arts program in Wholistic Global Leadership, your life 360º works in tandem with Donna's original Life Strategy Design coaching program to help professionals learn who they are, how they're made and how to optimize that in the world that matters to them.

Donna helps managers in the middle of the organization lead 360º -- crafting a life of vertical and horizontal influence by seeing every day and every member of the team as a work of art.

Donna has a unique blend of 25 years in high-tech public relations, journalism, market research and global non-profit organizational communications. This crucial combination of leadership and marketing helps her provide a field guide perspective on how to employ people as strategy, igniting the best in every team member as an ambassador of the brand.

She has an eclectic pedigree – a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin (1989), a Master of Arts in Global Leadership (in progress) with an emphasis in Wholistic Development from Fuller Theological Seminary and she’s a certified master yoga instructor since 2010. A John Maxwell Team Coach, Donna is also certified in The Center for Creative Leadership's Benchmarks® 360 assessments and trained in all five sciences of psychometric assessments administered by TTI Success Insights. Her signature course, your life 360o, optimizes the ecosystem of the human body through an active learning environment so you can achieve a bigger mind, a happy life and greater impact on your world.


360º -

the whole thing, spirit, soul & body

life -

that gift we live partially unwrapped

strategy -

how we design and develop 360º engagement

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