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“I believe to have an real impact in work and life, you have to bring 100% of yourself to the table.”


Catalyst Communities

You have brilliant ideas, but to share them with the world, you need to anchor them to a purpose and a plan. Smart as you are, you can’t do this alone. With a community of like-minded women, you can catalyze your creation in the world through the power of the mastermind.

Life Strategy Design

You have a life, but do you have a strategy? To excel in the work you do every day, you need to make the most of your whole life. Don’t leave it to chance. There’s freedom in having a plan. Want to learn more about designing the life you’ve always wanted?

Everyone has a life. Do you have a strategy?

75% of the women who have the talent to deliver the leadership our world needs are held hostage by two words: “not enough”!! In primary research with leading coaches, I’ve heard nearly every professional woman list reasons why she is not smart enough, pretty enough, credentialed enough, solvent enough… I’ve had enough!  I have a PhD in Not Enough and I can show you how to find freedom from toxic beliefs. My superpower is helping high-performing professional women design a whole-life strategy that unleashes the talent that the world needs. 


Your future is waiting. Are you ready to discover it?

What are you doing to catalyze your great idea?


There’s power in a team.

No matter what great idea you are launching, you can’t do it alone.

Harness the power of the mastermind.

“It is rare you come across someone as talented as Donna. I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Donna on staff and leadership projects from development to execution, Donna is versatile, impact-focused, and effective. Moreover she naturally cares about the enduring results and this commitment has made all the difference.” LeMinh Hoang

Director of People & Culture, The MacArthur Foundation

“If you are seeking help in executing on Jim Collins advice, “getting the right people on the bus in the right seats,” Donna is your professional. Her soft-spoken style and winsome character makes it easy to pay attention. She knows her material and if she doesn’t have the answer, she will find it for you.” Gene Ashe

President, Multi-Duti Manufacturing Inc.

“Donna is a true partner and I personally found her to be warm and collaborative. She has a high degree of integrity and is passionate about building strong relationships and bringing the best out of people in organizations. I would recommend Donna for any work that involves partnering to strengthen people and organizations.” Leigha Kinnear

Learning & Development Manager, Northwestern University

Donna is authorized to administer

Benchmarks® 360º Assessments by The Center for Creative Leadership

DISC, EQ and Driving Forces by TTI Success Insights

Tasha Eurich’s Insight assessment for increasing self awareness

Leading leadership curricula from the John Maxwell Team