There are three things to look for when you choose a coach:

  1. Has the coach been where you are?
  2. Do you identify with their philosophy?
  3. Are your conversations easy...and safe?

It's that easy. A good coach will focus on YOU. The best way for you and me to see if we're a match is to sit down and have a chat about what you want to accomplish. Here are a few ways that Donna has worked with her clients.

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360º Leader Coaching

You are  professional  in the middle of the organization who wants to lead and influence effectively. Donna's coaching for middle executives helps you

  • see clearly how you show up at work,
  • understand how to self-regulate on a team, and
  • align your strengths with the organizational strategy.

The aim of Donna's coaching for professionals in the middle of the organization is bigger minds, happier people and greater impact. You already know all you need to be a great leader. It's Donna's job to help you see yourself clearly and develop the instincts to take you to the next level.


Life Strategy Design

Not sure you're on the right path? Wondering if you need to invent a new future? This is Donna's signature coaching program, a six month engagement to help you see clearly

  • who you are,
  • how you're made and
  • what you're going to do with it.

Donna takes a 360º approach to life and leadership - how you generate the energy and capacity for influence at every level of the organization. Your future is waiting, are you ready to discovery it? Check out our Life Strategy Design Program Outline.

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