Do you see yourself in this picture?

You feel like a racehorse held back too long behind the start gate.

Or you feel like a high-performance sports car being driven in second gear.

Or you are the only woman at the table, where strong leadership counts.


You love your work, but your priorities are constantly competing —

tactical concerns are eating strategy for lunch.


It’s time to stop wearing exhaustion as a status symbol.

You can’t keep driving at this pace.

You crave inner peace, resiliency and courage…

I’ve been there and I can help.


I created Life Strategy Design coaching program

because I grew up without a blueprint —

orphaned as a teenager, I put myself through college

and tried navigating life without a compass.

If you have all the guidance I never had,

you probably don’t need me.

But if you entered life without guidance,

without the inner leadership to thrive.

If you launched yourself in the world without connections,

if you feel like everyone plays by a rulebook you never read,

girlfriend, I have good news for you!


There’s freedom in a strategy.
































































































The full $5,000 program involves a two day intensive followed by a six month rhythm of coaching. There are a couple of options that might be best for you, so let’s talk. I’m offering a free 30 minute strategy session to help you design the approach that’s best for you.

That might mean you’re not ready yet for a coach, but you want a blueprint. I created a new experience journal for my Life Strategy Design Retreat this year that was a blockbuster hit, so I’ve made it into a 30 day journal for YOU! As my friend used to say, “You asked for it, Toyota!”