Have you reached a wall in your life and leadership? Do you wonder if there’s some future you have yet to discover? The only way to succeed in your career is to bring your whole life to the table. The Life Strategy Design coaching program is the culmination of 20 years of research helping professional women understand who they are, how they’re made and where the world needs it most.

Here’s an outline of the six-month program.

your origin

where you came from

Donna has created a life timeline process to discover the root causes that feed the way we think…and a process for rewiring those thoughts to create the forward motion we need.

your today

where you are now

The process applies identity processing and a third-party assessment (TTI TriMetrix EQ) to understand who we are today – what motivates us, what comes naturally and whether others see us the way we see ourselves.

your tomorrow

where you’re going

Once you fully understand who you are and where you came from, you have the tools you need to craft a life strategy. We created a decision matrix together based on the six week discovery process. Here are the details.

Session 1

Your circle of life and control boundaries

Session 2

Half day life timeline session

Session 3

Understanding your values, drivers and motives

Session 4

Daily rhythms cultivating how you’re made spirit, soul and strength.

Session 5

Reviewing your vision board with your control boundaries in mind.

Session 6

Your Life Strategy, based on your vision, values, innate talents, circle of control and life rhythms.

Donna Carlson

Life Strategy Coach

Donna is a John Maxwell Team certified coach who left 26 years of middle management at 50 to be a field guide for women who are ready to unleash their God-given potential on the world.

There’s never been a better time in history to stake your claim at the help and the board table. My goal is to launch you as a world changer.

Photo credit: Wendy Pearce Nelson

Your future is waiting. Are you ready to discover it?

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