about 360º life strategies

360º Life Strategies is founded by Donna Carlson, a 360º Leader Coach & Life Strategist who helps managers in the middle of the organization lead 360º -- crafting a life of vertical and horizontal influence by seeing every day as a work of art. She has designed a workshop called your life 360º as the outcome of her Master of Arts in Wholistic Global Leadership with a focus on the whole person, bolstering the spirit, soul and strength of a leader’s life as the building blocks of personal happiness, influence and impact.

A fundamental part of Donna’s 360º programs is the Life Strategy Design© process to help people understand who they are, how they’re made and what they’re going to do with it. This informs the process she follows in all her coaching on the premise that mature leaders know how to live and to lead 360º.

The “we” in 360º Life Strategies -- a rich cadre of  teachers, coaches and specialists with the superpowers to create world class training environments.

360º -

the whole thing, spirit, soul & body

life -

that gift we live partially unwrapped

strategy -

how we design and develop 360º engagement

Donna has a unique blend of 20 years studying wholistic development and nearly 30 years in high-tech public relations, journalism and market research. Most recently with The Center for Creative Leadership, Donna was a strategic partner with organizations seeking collaboration on learning and development design. This crucial combination of leadership and marketing helps her provide a field guide perspective on how to employ people as strategy, igniting the best in employees as a company’s best brand ambassador.

She has an eclectic pedigree – a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin (1989), a Master of Arts in Global Leadership (in progress) with an emphasis in Holistic Development from Fuller Theological Seminary and she’s a certified master yoga instructor. She is a certified facilitator of 360 assessments with The Center for Creative Leadership, a certified administrator of TTI Success Insights assessments and a John Maxwell Team certified coach and speaker.
Paramount to the concept of experience are these two principles: lifelong curiosity to learn and quantum teams - two interconnected concepts that feed the vision that we're better together. 360º Life Strategies has developed a network of specialists in coaching culture, emotional intelligence, people-as-strategy and deliberately developmental cultures. We take a team approach to helping clients bring transformation that has a lasting impact.

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