A lot of companies can’t see the forest for the trees. You’ve heard Peter Drucker say, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Yet we live in a world where we apply quantitative values to our human assets. Talent mapping is reduced to numbers and the greatest talents under our roof fly under the radar.

I recently read an article from Strategy + Business on 10 Principles of Organizational Culture. All ten of these  principles have to do with the way we nourish our people. Culture is not about programs, unless they align with business and with behavior. Companies salivate like kids in a candy store wondering how to affect change in their culture. I liken the solution to an Aspen grove. Every single tree is distinct, yet together they are the single largest living organism on earth. They share an interconnected, interdependent root system. They share the light and the darkness. When one falls, it affects the health of the next tree. If a fallen tree leans against another, it causes a domino effect.

When each tree is thriving in its own space, the whole forest becomes a thriving ecosystem, creating a shelter for life, growth and innovation in the forest – at the top and at the bottom … at the same time.

Join the conversation. What is your company doing to nourish the ecosystem of human assets?