Entertain the notion of intelligent design in the universe for a minute. If I haven’t lost you yet, imagine that designer wondering what to create. My daughter likes to bake, so we’ll use the concept of a recipe to illustrate the approach to human design that I’ve been studying.

If I offered you a cookie and handed you a bag of flour and some baking soda, that’s not exactly a cookie is it? The heart of the cookie, I think, is the chocolate. Or maybe the heart of the cookie is the butter and the soul is the chocolate. Now we’re talking.

Same with the recipe I think God used to make humans – heart, soul, mind and strength. If you read the ancient books, a guy named Moses handed this recipe down to the nation of Israel right before they entered the Promised Land. He said this is so important that you need to write it on the walls, literally. The secret to life is really simple – it’s just to love God, but love with ALL your heart and with ALL your soul and with ALL your strength.

I looked up those words in a book that helped me understand the original meaning. The Hebrew translation of heart in Deuteronomy 6:5 is lebab, “the inner man, including the will, the conscience, the seat of emotion and passions” (Strong, H3824); this is very similar to nephesh, the word for soul. Heart and soul are interconnected. In the Greek translation when Jesus said heart, He used the word kardia, which denotes “the organ and the center of all physical and spiritual life” (Strong, G2588). These definitions illustrate something important: God has created humans with great intention for multiple interconnected elements to work together, like flour, eggs and sugar work together to create cookies. To understand the recipe is the key to a whole life.

What if I offered you a cookie and handed you a bag of flour? Or a cup of salt? (Way too much salt, right?) Right. When our Creator decided to put together a human, the ingredients were more than blood and bone. The ingredients included body, mind and soul. The soul is one part we often overlook because it’s squishy and hard to define – but it’s the chocolate in the cookie!

The recipe for fullness in life requires curiosity about how those components work together. That recipe is the basis for 360º life strategies – understanding who we are, how we’re made and what to do with it. If everyone in your organization had the full recipe, imagine what you could do together!