Have you ever driven a high performance race car in second gear for a little too long? What happens? You can hear the engine straining. That car was not built to coast in second gear, but to use second to get to third and… I’m about to exceed my knowledge of cars, but one thing I know is that a truly great car is not designed to coast in low gear. It’s designed for speed.

Have you been running in low gear too long? It it time for you do what you were designed for?

The last 20 years of my life have been dedicated to researching how to optimize the human system to operate according to design, like a well-tuned race car. You might have read in the Spring edition of Colorado Living Well magazine that those of us who study leadership development find the old rules of leadership would say conform. The new rules of leadership say invent. Leadership development alone is a transactional process without the integration of who you are and how you’re made — you have to know how you’re made, which is the very purpose for 360º Life Strategies. The focus of my graduate studies and mid-life immersion in leadership development are culminating right now in two signature programs:

  • your life 360º is a training and development program for professionals seeking greater precision performance in life and leadership. The program addresses who you are through psychometric assessment and then goes into detail on how you’re made. We learn just enough about the human body and the interdependence of spirit, soul and strength to develop our own rhythms for optimizing our energy and performance.
  • life strategy design is a coaching program that complements this classroom experience with a deep dive one on on with a coach to personalize the development of your life strategy, understand not only how you behave but why, and curate the best of your talents, values and passions to create a future path that’s synchronistic with how you are designed.

Back to the sports car analogy. If you know how to get a high-performance car into first gear, you can get out of the driveway. Second gear will get you to the stop sign. Before you open it up to 60, 70, or 80 m.p.h. you have to make those incremental improvements. And once you reach full speed, it feels great, but you have to know how long and how far you can go before you run out of fuel.

If you know yourself 360º and live according to the designer’s instructions, who knows how far you can go.