Life Strategy Design

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Life Strategy Design™

Donna created this coaching program to help people in a state of reinvention to figure out who you are, how you're made and what you're going to do with this knowledge. The program can be done in a three-day intensive or in a series of six or sessions. It includes a series of assessments and worksheets and culminates in a plan of action to prepare your superpowers for the world.


your origin

where you came from

Donna has created a life timeline process to discover the root causes that feed the way we think...and a process for rewiring those thoughts to create the forward motion we need.


you today

who you are now

The process applies identity processing to understand who we are today - our motives, drivers, values and dream - so we can prepare a clear path to the future.

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you tomorrow

where you're going

Once you fully understand who you are and where you came from, you have the tools you need to craft a life strategy. Your future is waiting. Are you ready to discover it?

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