Workshops, Keynotes & Retreats


There's a magical thing that happens when you bring in a third party, a radical outsider, to ask the hard questions and challenge your team. No budget for custom training? Send your team members to one of our public workshops:

  • your life 360º workshop on living wholly body, mind & soul
  • resilience & mindfulness workshops
  • mindful eating
  • team building teaching and experiences
  • cultivating creativity through art and improv
  • yoga, hiking, ropes ... or whatever challenges you

Stay tuned for new public workshops in 2018 or contact us to build one that suits your needs now.


Take any workshop and we can turn it into a retreat. We believe in the quantum effect of team, so we have assembled a host of superpowers to make your next retreat fabulous:

  • your life 360º workshop with art, improv, yoga and more
  • enlivening experiential activities to  engage your limiting beliefs
  • mindful eating with an understanding of the brain-gut connection
  • food for the soul through art, music, wine and more

We can add value to your retreat or create one from scratch that will create lasting memories and significant transformation.


People will laugh, they'll cry and they'll leave asking for more. Ask about Donna's keynotes on:

  • The Soul of Your Leadership: Unlock Success in your Team
  • Reinvention Convention for Women in Mid Life
  • 50 Days to 50: Lessons from the 1st Half of Life
  • Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Live 360º
  • Your Life, God's Masterpiece - a Recipe for Living

Donna will customize her talk to your audience, merging 30 years of business and leadership experience to unlock the value of your brand, which really is your people fully alive to their gifts.

Ready to find out more?

Let's talk about what you need to reinvent, and let's build it.