your life, God’s masterpiece yoga workshop


This three-hour workshop integrates scripture, music, art and yoga to yoke your spirit, soul and strength for the purpose of reinvention. After all, you are the masterpiece. Your future is waiting. Are you ready to discover it?

Our next workshop is Friday, January 26, 2018, 6-9 p.m., Monument, CO.

Components of this workshop

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how you're made

We explore how we're made spirit, soul and body using the wholistic approach of our proprietary curriculum for understanding your life 360º.


who you are

Once we understand how we're made, it's easier to listen to our instincts about the convergence of our talents and passions. These are the keys to discovering our purpose.

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what to do with it

The Life Strategy Design® process takes you from discovery to dreaming the future. This workshop provides a preview into the world of reinvention, culminating in a yoga practice designed to yoke design with purpose.

360º approach

There are so many holistic philosophies that talk about mind, body and soul or body, mind and spirit, you might wonder why we represent the wholistic approach to leadership as spirit, soul and strength. First, we use the word wholistic instead of holistic because the latter has been misunderstood and usurped in ways that do not embody this philosophy. The word whole is packed with meaning. Dictionaries vary on the definition with words like in one piece, unbroken, undamaged or a thing that is complete in itself. Think on that for a minute.

The 360º approach spans an integrated perspective on the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual elements that comprise our body’s operating system. We’ve studied the wholistic composition of the human life and the interdependencies of each facet. There are many ways to interpret this data, but in the interest of simplicity we take the position that three is better than more.

For more information on the your life 360º workshop, go here.

your 360º life strategy

You have a solid understanding of how you’re made; this session provides an introduction to help you understand who you are – why you think the way you do, what assumptions you have formed in your mind and how to detox limiting beliefs so you are free to focus on that purpose we’re talking about. This is just a glimpse of the full Life Strategy Design© process that’s usually done one on one with a certified coach over the course of six sessions.

Next Steps...

Our next workshop is January 26, 6 - 9 p.m., 2018, at the Woodmor Barn in Monument, CO. Questions? Contact us here. Or just register now!