360º Life Hacks

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Your Daily Life 360º

Daily Shampoo

Did you think a shampoo can change your life? My kids tried this clean shampoo on their voluminous curly hair (jealous) and they say there’s no going back. My friend Anna will help you find the right one for you.

Aquage Vitalizing Shampoo

For flat heads like me, the hair-challenged, my awesome stylist friend suggested Aquage. It takes the guesswork out if shampoo shopping for me.


Life Extension Probiotic

If the plumbing ain’t working, nothing in life looks bright. I have tried so many probiotics and these are by far the best. They have other supplements, but I’ve taken these for years with great “daily” results.


Neuro Rx

Have you heard my Neuro Rx story? You can access the deets HERE. This is my Spotify daily 20 playlist — a mix of rock, faith and good honest fun.




Do you struggle with joint pain? Headaches? Leg cramps? I’ve been on the market for quite some time to find an anti-inflammatory that works and I’m happy to say I’ve found it: fucoidan! No, I’m not cursing at you. It’s a seaweed based super nutrient that my body loves. Did you know that inflammation also happens where we cant’ see it — in our gut, which relates to foggy, sluggish thinking in our brains? A good antiinflammatory can change your life. This one comes in shots (fun!), meal replacement shakes and the best clean energy drinks I’ve ever found. The best way to try the product is to order one of the starter kits.
I can tell you how to get it free!


Energy Light

Energy flagging? Have you tried energy light? I keep my salt lamp on all the time.

Ambient Salt Lamp

Verilux HappyLight


Makeup Removal

I’d prefer if I could live my whole life in yoga pants without makeup. The only thing that makes makeup endurable is having an easy way to take it off at night. There are two fabulous solutions that also travel well.

Norwex Antibacterial Suede Make-up Remover Face Cloth Set



Andalou Naturals Vitamin C BB Beauty Balm

Speaking of make up, I hate looking like I have a bunch of makeup caked on my face – I hate the feel of makeup and the pasty look. This is easy and light. I apply it like a lotion, with a little powder on top and I feel great.



Work & Travel 360º

Selfie Ring Light

Are you in charge of your own social media? If you’re like me, you know the tricks and hacks of Facebook Live and LinkedIn Video but you have lighting issues in the elegant aesthetics of your office. This selfie light sounds like something for your teenager, but look again.

Spacesaver Bags

Make more room in your suitcase with these.


Do you travel for work? My biggest travel challenge is clothes that look perfectly pressed…right out of the suitcase. These dresses are phenomenal. The fabrication beyond my dreams. Whether with a jacket or as a statement piece for the podium, these dresses are a knockout.

Universal Travel Adapter

Don’t worry about different adapters for each country. This universal power adapter covers 100+ energy systems and it’s really easy to use. I have to admit plugging in an extension cord did not work for me, but if that works for you, let me know what extension cord works!

Massage Shoe Insoles

After walking across London and Paris with unsupportive shoes, I came home with some really sore feet. I thought I’d ruined my arches, which is why I was willing to pay a bit more for an insert for my sneakers and boots. This one is like a massage! So happy.