You spend all your time taking care others.

It’s time to get YOU back.

It’s not that you don’t love your work, it’s just that your priorities are constantly competing — budgets, capital, payroll and revenue feel more compelling than your daughter’s softball game. People depend on you, so you give and give and give. At work you are a rock star. Your team is on top of it. You’re at the top of your game, and then you come home. The kids are fighting, the kitchen’s a mess…you pull out a frozen pizza, again. You glance at the treadmill in the other room and decide to close the door and pour a glass of wine. You love your life, but you know there has to be more.

You crave inner freedom. Something needs to change.

Then you remember that meeting today, when someone took credit for your idea.
You know you need to speak up for yourself, but what about humility?

You know you need to stop apologizing, but you want to be respectful.
You want to be creative, but the rules continue to box you in.
You know you need to fire that new girl, but you don’t,
even though you know she’ll be better off somewhere else.

As women, we create our own glass ceilings.

It’s time to stop second guessing yourself.
It’s time to reclaim your authenticity.

It’s time we got YOU back.

That’s my expertise.

I’ve been where you are, girlfriend.

I’ve been in the wrong role, hustling to make it work.

I’ve been betrayed , even by other women.

I’ve also raised three smart, responsible successful daughters.
I’ve been married to the same guy for 24 years.


At 50, I decided started working from my own playbook.

I started developing a strategy to bring my whole life to the game.

I wanted to be the kind of boss people are lining up to work for.

Once I figured out who I really am,
it was easy to know what I had to do.

Once I learned to recognize self-sabotage, it was much easier to shift.

, I grew savvy and created a strategy to bring my best to work every day.

I can show you the way

through my Life Strategy Design program.


where you came from
You can’t know where you’re going without knowing who you are. That means looking at where you came from.

Through a series of tools, you will get a better view of yourself and how others see you. When we’re done, you’ll know what energizes and motivates you.


how you’re made
Sister, to speed up, you have to slow down.
After you understand how to cultivate energy, mental clarity and inner happiness, you will create new rhythms in your life that will feed your soul.


where you’re going
The final four coaching sessions are dedicated to honing your life strategy, creating a plan, a path, a tribe and a long term strategy for accountability.

You will finish the program with a clear picture of who you are, how you’re made and what you’re made to do with it.

This is the year that changes everything.


The program includes

Six 90 minute working sessions via zoom, then
Four 45-minute coaching calls to focus and hone.

Your investment is
$2500 for the 12 weeks or
Three monthly payments of $1,000.


 I’m ready to change my life!

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