Global advertisers spent 557.99 billion U.S. dollars in 2018.

Population of the earth in 2018 – 7.7 billion.

That’s over $7 billion per person.

I’d like to propose that you just stop advertising and give me the $7 billion.

Literally, that’s what could happen if the world could rethink network marketing. So, where’s the real pyramid scheme? Think about it. At the top of the corporate pyramid of an advertising agency, you have executives averaging $198,693 a year according to Where does the rest of the money go?

Someone is driving a Lamborghini and it’s not me. Traditional business is designed for the person at the top of the company pyramid to earn the most money. What’s the percentage chance that someone in middle management at $54,095 will ever top that salary? Maybe with a lot of hard work, long nights and kids that greet you in the dark laundry room saying, “You look vaguely familiar, but I’m not sure I know you.”

Network marketing turns the pyramid upside down, giving everyone a chance to out earn their boss. That’s what my friend Tammy did. Her friend recruited her into a business that thrives on relationships and Tammy is a well-connected gal. She out-earned the guy who brought her into the business two years ago…and now he’s quite happy to be earning money on her productivity. She drives a brand new paid-for BMW…all because of her rolodex.

How many people can out earn their boss without leaving the company? How many people can write their own schedule and bust their own glass ceiling? An ousted executive can start over again funding someone else’s Lamborghini …or start her own business. I’d much rather help my friend win a new BMW than keep an advertising executive in his Lamborghini.

Why am I telling this story? I’m an entrepreneur who supports entrepreneurs. Don’t get me wrong – I do think we need smart women in business and I don’t want all of you to quit your job and start a small business. I do want you to join me in diverting dollars to small businesses, starting with your holiday gift list. I’m shopping small this year, supporting small business and entrepreneurs with my stocking stuffers, like:

Anna Berg’s Holiday Gift List from Beauty Counter, like that Mini Lip Gloss Vault
Christy Casey’s Live Long and Green pantry of household items, like that spearmint breath spray or essential oils
Katie Lynn’s LIMU Lean Shakes to keep the pounds down before the holidays
Cathy Matthynssen’s knotty earrings for your naughty list from Park Lane Jewelry
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Wendy Martens can help you Give Peace a Chance with this essential oil and diffuser
Jeanne B sports stocking stuffers at her boutique in addition to Terza’s Wearable Art
Shop across the parking lot for last year’s fashions at Seven Status and put “eliminate human trafficking” on your Christmas list
Jennifer Cunningham houses a gander of creative talent at Gallery 132
Eve Carlson (no relation, but I wish) has a fantastic boutique at Eve’s Revolution, but soon you can shop online!! 
Or surprise someone on your list with the products of these women owned wineries

Tell me your favorite small business and I’ll share it with my network on every channel!