It was about five years ago. My husband wanted his wife back. I had no joy, no desire (uhem, at all) and no motivation. He sent me to a counselor to talk about getting antidepressants. The counselor had a lot of experience with women and depression and I’m forever grateful for his wisdom. “You might actually be depressed,” he said, “but from what I hear you might also be tired, stressed and lacking in self care.” He told me that he’d get me hooked up with pills if I’d try this experiment and report back in a week.

1. Get 8 hours of undisturbed sleep a night. Take a sleeping pill if you have to. Get the sleep.
2. Start your day with inspiration. Whatever you believe in, fill with truth first thing.
3. Eat real food. Go a week without eating from boxes and drive-through windows.
4. Move your body to get your heart rate up for 20 minutes every day.
5. Play. Spend time with girlfriends at least once a week.

I walked back into his office after the experiment and said, “I can’t remember why I came here in the first place.”

The brain is created and wired to heal itself, just like a cut on your finger will heal itself. We just have to provide the right conditions. This is the superfood of life strategies because it heals a number of ailments. Case in point, after a few days of spotty sleep, I went to the neighborhood Bunco meeting and drank way too much jug wine. The brain fog and depression the next morning was thick, palpable. I wanted to drive off a cliff, no kidding. Instead I took a nap. Then I went for a long walk and took a warm bath. I ate a square meal, no wine or dessert, got a good night’s sleep and started over the next day. Voila! Like new! Try it.