I’m always trying to blow the lid off of conventional wisdom. One of the conventions I respectfully disagree with is the advice to use my retreats to showcase my own stuff.  I can’t help but tell the stories of women who are doing so much more than me…and this is where it’s at. My superpower is providing platforms and people strategies to help transformational coaches, counselors and consultants access the lives that have been lost in living. This is harmony at it’s best — all of us working together to build bigger, more curious minds, greater happiness and quantum impact. What a great start!!!

January on the podcast we have been celebrating women breaking barriers in business, in the workplace, in their own lives and … in the wine industry. We’ve heard how Cat Campbell launched a successful business after launching her kids and how Paula Martin is adding joy to the workplace. Marie-Elizabeth Mali taught us the importance of health in our relationships and Jessica Shook at Vino Salida talked about life as the only woman on the leadership team at the winery.

February kicked off with Diana Hall creating a product that’s changing the world for people and building her business like a boss. Krystal Covington providing platforms for women to raise the level of leadership for Women of Denver and Melinda Poland raising our level of health. Hang onto your hat, because we have more great stories on the podcast, like Chris Chapman’s coaching Through The Eyes of a Horse, and how Susan Golicic made her love of wine a part of a research project.

We’re not just talking about talking…. check out this lineup of events to add to your strategies for living your best life:

  • February 20, 360º Life Strategies is partnering with Laura Starner with BOK Financial to bring boss level skills to small business. Join our free workshop (with bagels and coffee) talking about how to develop leads and set priorities based on your values. This kicks off our series on how to Be the Boss of Your Business.
  • February 27, I volunteer for an organization that equips women to live their calling with confidence. Our speaker for the February program is an amazing entrepreneur and all around fantastic woman — Stacy Osborne will share with our 4word women how to lead from the heart.
  • March 3, if you are an Ellevate member (and if you’re not check out this global network of women rising), join my webinar teaching Actionable Strategies for Cultivating Inner Leadership
  • March 7, Women’s Leadership for Life Neurosculpting® Class teaching the brain-based art to learning how to lead our own behavior, approach and response in any situation. I’ll be capping the event with some practical life strategies to begin living the new you today!
  • April 11, together with grief counselor Crystal Given, 360º Life Strategies is hosting its first mother/daughter workshop, helping moms and teen daughters navigate the relationship challenges that come with the life transitions that come with the teen years. Contact Donna for info.
  • April 19, 360º Life Strategies is partnering with Dr. Michelle May and Master Yoga Instructor Dawn Hopkins on a retreat focusing on how to Eat Mindfully, Move Joyfully, Live Vibrantly! If you have struggled in your relationship with food, this five days will set you free. I’ll be offering a special session providing practical lessons (read: wine included) on how mature inner leadership is like a fine wine.
  • May 20, you’ll be hearing more from past participants and mentors about the Unstoppable Women graduating from UCCS thanks to the Karen Possehl Women’s Endowment. This is dear to my heart because I was one of those women without the resources and connections women need to chart a path through college and career. Join me in sponsoring a table, will you?

If that’s not enough, stay tuned. There will be more strategies. Do you see yourself in one of these events? I hope to see you there!

Oh, and are you wondering when I’m going to invite you to collaborate or podcast with me. Don’t wait! Let’s schedule it!!