Since I live five minutes from some of the best hiking in the world, I’ve been taking to the hills more often. As I contemplate the change in my life I keep noticing deltas everywhere. I looked up the definition:

del·ta (ˈdeltə/) – As a noun, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet ( Δδ ), transliterated as ‘d’ or a code word representing the letter D, used in radio communication. As a symbol in mathematics, a variation of a variable or function or finite increment.

When you come upon a delta in hiking it could mean a change in your path or an aid in crossing a river. In any case it represents a

change. Your interpretation of the purpose of the delta in your life might be directly proportional to your perspective.

  • From a distance it looks like a triangle, a delta.
  • From eye level it just looks like a raised patch of dry land, good for passage. This one seems to have horns…
  • From above looking down, the shape of the delta looks more like a heart.

This is my daily challenge as I consider the changes in my life – to consider how I want to interpret the delta. I’m going with finite increment. I expect this brave new direction to signify a shift that is taking me in the direction of purpose and passion.

What about your delta?

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