When you think of the word soul, what does that conjure in your mind? Soul music? Soul food? A really good cup of coffee? Buddhists say your soul is the face you had before you were born. Philosopher Dr. Dallas Willard spoke of the soul as the envelope for the rest of our being, the depository for that face into which collects our mind, heart, will, emotions and everything that makes up who we are.

Neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf goes further, distinguishing soul from spirit as two of the three essential elements of human design – some would say a reflection of a three-part creator God if you fancy that kind of thing. Those three parts are interdependent and symbiotic – this is something proven in science. Dr. Marian Diamond proved in a scientific experiment the concept of neuroplasticity – that structures in the brain actually change shape based on what we think, what we eat and squishy things like how we love.

And we all know that love is not appropriate in the workplace, so let’s call that kindness, or the general capacity to create an enriched environment where people feel valued, even human. It takes 100% of all three to be fully alive. So consider your life as a leader.

How many leaders are happy to have team members show up for work 66% of the time? That would be unacceptable. Or what if they s how up, but sleep 44% of the time? We want them at work 100% of the time they scheduled to work and awake 100% of the time, right?

So why do we think it’s just fine for our team members to bring only 66% of who they are to work? That’s assuming they bring their body and their mind, but what about their soul?

The soul of your organization is what defines your culture and it’s cultivated in the soul of your leaders. How does that show up in organizational leadership? It’s a reflection of how we show up as humans and how we cultivate growth in our people, which requires that we understand the makeup of a human – soul, mind and body. When we develop the whole person, we get more than just a body in a chair showing up for a pay check; we get an ambassador for our mission, a strategy fulfilled.

It doesn’t matter if your mission is financial services or running a car wash, if you activate the soul of your leadership to activate 100% of every team member, you will see productivity and success soar. Take a look at this and other 360º keynotes, workshops and retreats.