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Donna has a witty, humorous and sometimes irreverent approach to what’s working (or not) in the workplace. Donna is a specialist in optimizing human capital, turning people into profits. Here are a few ideas for your next keynote:

Turning People into Profits

It sounds opportunistic, right? It sounds inhumane. Humanity in the workplace is, in fact, the reason why I talk about people and profitability. Your company will not survive without customers. Guess who controls the customer experience? Your people. And researchers say about 60% of them are truly engaged at work. When your people are happy, your customers will know. Do you want loyal customers? It starts with your #1 brand asset: your talent.

Your People are like a Fine Wine

We will walk the vineyard of your world and learn how to turn the crushing and pressing of life into a marketable wine. The best wine is cultivated from the soil up. To get the harmony, symmetry, complexity, finesse and elegance that leaves a memorable impression on your customers, you need to cultivate your people.

Success = CRM

Success strategies for small business boil down to the customer experience. What does your customer remember about you? Donna has worked in customer relationship management for over 30 years and she’s here to share with you practical strategies for making sure you are the first person your customer thinks of when they need what you sell.


Is there something specific you need that you don’t see here? I have a whole lot of words in my arsenal. I’m also a specialist in moderating effective panel discussions. Let’s customize a talk for your group.