Your team is as effective as your weakest team member.

How do you activate the people working with you to give their best? How do you lead well in an organization where leadership...doesn't always lead? I've worked with management teams on these and other like-minded questions. There is a lot of good information out there on how to be a good boss, but ultimately the secret to success is to show up 100% -- or what I call 360 degrees -- and cultivate synergy with your team. I'm what you call a team synergist.

Ultimately you will find yourself surrounded by curious, happy people...and together you will do great things.

Here are a few of the workshops we've facilitated this year:

Boss Basics

This workshop addresses the mindset shift required in moving from individual contributor to boss. We cover some of the scripts you need to flip in your mind from CCL's book Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For and basic coaching skills for managers. With practical examples and case studies, you will leave better equipped to lead.

Team Insights

Insight is the meta skill of the 21st century and the key to success for your team. This workshop is based off of Dr. Tasha Eurich's research on self-awareness from her bestselling book on InsightWe cover a self-awareness assessment and walk through how we navigate organizational relationships accordingly.

DISCovery Workshops

This workshop is based on the DISC, 12 Driving Forces and EQ assessments from TTI Success Insights to discover how we show up in the organization and, most importantly, why. The workshop includes individual assessment debriefs followed by a team workshop to discover better ways of working together.


your team 360º

Our approach to facilitating a classroom discussion is customized to every team, addressing

  • Bigger minds - how to think like a leader
  • Happier people - your people as your best asset
  • Greater impact - aligning the team with the mission

We do this by understanding how we're made and leveraging that self-awareness to bring the best out in all our people.

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your leadership 360º

70% of learning happens outside the classroom. That's why your 360º experience includes opportunities to connect learners after they leave the classroom through

  • coach facilitated book clubs (browse titles),
  • cross functional webinars or
  • custom team workshops designed to dive deeper

Don't let opportunity slip away. Let's make learning stick.

What clients are saying about Donna Carlson

"It is rare that you come across someone as talented as Donna. I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Donna on staff and leadership projects from development to execution, and Donna is versatile, impact-focused, and effective. Moreover, she naturally cares about the enduring results and this commitment has made all the difference."

LeMinh Hoang,
Director of People & Culture

The MacArthur Foundation

"If you are seeking help in executing on Jim Collins advice, “getting the right people on the bus in the right seats,” Donna is your professional. Her soft-spoken style and winsome character makes it easy to pay attention. She knows her material and if she doesn’t have the answer, she will find it for you.'

Gene Ashe

Multi-Duti Manufacturing, Inc.

"Donna is a true partner and I personally found her to warm and collaborative. She has a high degree of integrity and is passionate about building strong relationships and bringing the best out of people in organizations. I would recommend Donna for any work that involves partnering to strengthen people and organizations."

Leigha Kinnear,
Learning & Development Manager

Northwestern University

Donna is authorized to administer

Next Steps...

Let's talk about where you are now and where you want to be as a team. With a strong network of experienced coaches and trainers, we can handle your leadership development needs 360º.