What would you say if someone showed up to work and told you they'd give you 60% every day? Employee engagement surveys show the average is about 66%. Neuroscience shows that most people don't even activate a full third of their human capacity. This workshop explores the complete ecosystem of human life and how to live 100% spirit, soul and strength.

Components of this workshop


the spirit of your leadership

There's an intangible source of inspiration -- the heart of leadership. It’s the wellspring, the unspoken source from within that whispers to our intuition, communes with the mystery of creation and navigates our conscience.

To some it's the Spirit of God that takes residence in us. To others is the mystery in the universe of something bigger than all of us.  This is the spirit of true development and the key to unlocking the invisible missing link to greater impact in your leadership.

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the soul of your leadership

More than art, beauty, good music, strong coffee, or a well-crafted wine, the soul of your leadership is its essence. Its goodness. Buddhists say your soul is the face you had before you were born.

Philosopher Dr. Dallas Willard spoke of the soul as the envelope for our being, the depository for our mind, heart, will, emotions and everything that makes up who we are.  You want more from your life? More from your team?

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the strength of your leadership

The body is the shell that holds our spirit and soul, but it does not comprise all of who we are. This is not just about body image, exercise or good nutrition, it’s about having the strength to carry out the purpose for which you were given breath.

Maintaining strength is about balance, connectedness and interdependence -- the same fundamentals that comprise a good team. This section explores leadership at a cellular level and the metaphor of the ecosystem of the body as a foundation for organizational health.

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360º approach

There are so many holistic philosophies that talk about mind, body and soul or body, mind and spirit, you might wonder why we represent the wholistic approach to leadership as spirit, soul and strength. First, we use the word wholistic instead of holistic because the latter has been misunderstood and usurped in ways that do not embody this philosophy. The word whole is packed with meaning. Dictionaries vary on the definition with words like in one piece, unbroken, undamaged or a thing that is complete in itself.

The 360º approach spans an integrated perspective on the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual elements that comprise our body’s operating system. We’ve studied the wholistic composition of the human life and the interdependencies of each facet. There are many ways to interpret this data, but in the interest of simplicity and a fascination with the concept that three is better than more, here are the three components, like a three-legged stool, of this program:

your 360º life strategy

You have a solid understanding of how you’re made; this session provides an introduction to help you understand who you are – why you think the way you do, what assumptions you have formed in your mind and how to detox limiting beliefs so you are free to focus on that purpose we’re talking about. This is just a glimpse of the full Life Strategy DesignÓ process that’s usually done one on one with a certified coach over the course of six sessions.

the quantum impact of your leadership

You have a solid understanding of who you are and how you’re made; the culmination of this course dives into what you’re going to do with it. In physics, a quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction, yet is used loosely, in an adjectival form, to mean on such an infinitesimal level as to be infinite. In quantum theory, a nexus is a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Your purpose plugs in right there – one of the parts of a whole that’s greater than any one of us alone. This session explores where you fit in your greater whole, how to align your greater future with where you are now and how to build a support system…and by that I mean a community committed to your growth.

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