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 Launching Your Career to the Next Level

What does it take to get to the next level of accomplishment in your career? Whether you lead a team or not, you lead with your life. And you are your company's best asset. Are you making the most of the journey you're on now to reach the future you were made for? You will leave this workshop with a blueprint for cultivating a path for success that brings balance and energy to every quadrant of your life. 

Session 1: your why

The course explores the premise of self awareness and teaches how to
leverage that insight for optimum synergy in the organization.

Session 2: your recipe

This session helps you understand the interoperability between your
mind, body and spirit and how to optimize that design!

Session 3: your forward

Clarify your goals and decision processes to love, live and lead in a way that generates maximum happiness and success in your life.

Session 4: your blueprint

You're going to identify one personal practice to put in place that will clarify your path and provide a baseline for strong growth.


L if e  S t r a t e g y  C o a c h , D o n n a C a r ls o n

Donna is a John Maxwell Team certified coach
who left 26 years of middle management at 50 to
be a field guide for women who are ready to
unleash their God-given potential on the world.

There's never been a better time in history to stake
your claim at the helm of the board table. My goal is
to launch you as a world changer.


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