Have you ever played on a team? My daughter is on the state championship volleyball team in Colorado. She didn’t actually play with the varsity girls in the championship, but when they held the assembly, all the players on the team stood up… because it takes the whole team to win a championship.

This maps well to a conversation I had with my coach a year and a half ago as I was just starting 360º Life Strategies. “Donna,” she shot straight, “you are not a solo player. Some people thrive on that level of leadership, but you are made for team.”

Ouch! That actually hurt at first. I don’t have grandiose ideas of awesomeness, but I have pretty firm ideas of what I want to create in my career and it doesn’t include being somebody’s employee. That’s when I realized that’s not what she meant. It’s not that I can’t create a thriving business, but that I can’t create it alone.

The more I researched the power of team, the more convinced I am that all of us.. at least most of us…need a team. Studies of successful people have revealed three critical components of success: having a specific purpose, gathering knowledge around that specific purpose and working together with others united in that purpose. Some would call that third component the power of the mastermind. The power of team.

A good third of the executive women I’ve surveyed feel isolated in their top leadership positions. All of us who’ve moved into leadership know that the higher up we go, the greater the chasm between work and personal relationships. Community is a powerful component in making life and work compatible. Without a team we are handicapped.

I did a little digging to learn from the master team builder. What did Moses do to rally his troops? How did Jesus run his team? How did he train Paul to organize the growth of a worldwide church? I researched the word “together” to see how the early church functioned as a team. Together they

  • Celebrated
  • Strategized
  • Listened to God
  • Attacked the Enemy
  • Mourned
  • Supported each Other

Humans are made for relationship. We thrive when we hold each other up. That’s why I’ve built a team for 360º Retreats and created 360º Catalyst Communities to mastermind the support of women like minded in purpose.

I have two communities starting after Thanksgiving: one is a mastermind community of women in healthcare and the other is more on the personal side of life strategy, supporting each other through end of year mindset and goal-setting.

If you see yourself in any of these pictures, visit my mastermind page and get yourself in a catalyst community to kick up your purpose a notch with the power of team.