A friend of mine with ceaseless energy is writing another book. (I’m still working on my first!) I’ve asked her how she knows that she’s doing the right thing, not wasting her time on the wrong thing? Her answer was so simple: “You won’t be exhausted!”

This doesn’t mean we’ll never be tired. It doesn’t mean that we can neglect the sleep and nourishment our bodies need. What it does mean is that if we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing, we will move forward with the wind of God at our backs. It’s not about having a perfect body or keeping ideal habits, it’s about having the strength, the energy, to do the work.

The strength of your leadership is dependent on the soul and spirit of your leadership, nurturing the interdependency of mind, body, emotions and the inner drive that shapes your path. The strength to resist a cookie at 2 o’clock in the afternoon is not about what you should weigh as a leader, it’s about what you want to accomplish as a leader, whether you have full access to your mind and full command of your emotions.

I wanted to choose an image for this post on strength that shows how big it can be by showing how small it can be, so I chose the image of a dragonfly. Here are a few facts about a dragonfly (from duckters.com) that illustrate perfectly the impact of a strong leader:

  • Dragonflies don’t sting and generally don’t bite people.
  • They’ve been around for 300 million years and once they leave the nest they only live for around a month, ergo they’re just a blip on the radar of life.
  • People in Indonesia like to eat them for a snack. There are other predators too…
  • They are not related to common flies.
  • They can change direction in mid-air…and hover for up to one minute.

Now I’m not suggesting that leaders hover, but that they know when to camp out and listen more than they lead. They can change direction because their flight pattern is not dictated from the organ of the ego. They are not like common flies and their behavior sets them apart.

Leaders are very aware there are predators out there.

They’ve been around long enough to know that there are a lot of things they don’t know and that there is nothing new under the sun, as Solomon once said. We are reinventing what’s been invented before, making wisdom relevant and palatable for the survival of the species today. And we don’t have to bite or sting people to have a lasting impact on this world.

I’m not motivated by wealth (just ask my last boss) or by fame (decided long ago to abandon my childhood dream of being a movie star), but I am motivated by making sure I have the energy to complete what I was created to be. This is the motive behind Life Strategy Design© and the drive behind my own life and leadership. Does this strike a fire in you? Check out my January workshop on how to build your life 360º.