Thanks for all the good wishes on my second official anniversary of 360º Life Strategies. It all started as a graduate school project and blossomed into a way to coach flourishing people and teams. This post comes after a long hiatus of summer travel and hiking, where it seems I see everywhere what it means to flourish. The branch in this picture is a great reminder for all of us at work and at school this season.

When I casually brushed this branch, it fell off the tree. It looked relatively healthy, a little brown in spots, but with one touch it crashed to the ground. I had to take a picture of it because this little branch reminds me a lot of myself. There have been times when I put on my power suit and heels and I look fairly dressed for success, but some of my best fashion days are actually a cover for the truth that I’m hanging on by a thread:

not smart enough
not fast enough
not creative enough
… not enough.

Please tell me you have experienced these imposter days! Most days I can hang in there and produce some good work until the day is done. Or at school I can hold my own in a discussion without too much embarrassment, but I can’t wait to get out of the class before someone discovers I’m an imposter. I don’t belong. I shouldn’t be there.

It’s not true.

This week as you walk the halls at work or school, watch for those who are working the hardest to look like they belong. It’s very possible they are just about to fall off the tree. If you’re watching, you can catch them, graft them back on – ask them to lunch or send them a note telling them how much you appreciated a recent contribution. Don’t let one more branch …. fall off the tree.

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