360º Mastermind Groups

Put Your Dreams to the Test Mastermind

Join four other women who are already working on their Life Strategy Map to refine and focus your vision using material from John Maxwell’s best-selling book, Put Your Dream to the Test.

Life Strategy 555 Mastermind

Five women, Five weeks, $555.

Join a group of four other high-performing women to learn from each other how to create a path from your present to your designed future. We will identify what is sabotaging our success and hold each other accountable to rewrite old scripts as we design a 360º Life Strategy Map.

$1m Mastermind

Join a group of four other seven-digit business owners who want to create community, synergy and scalability for other entrepreneurs.

Our vision is a community of high-performing women kicking glass in business.

Yoga & Mindfulness Workshops

One Holy Yoga Workshop: Two Classes

Your Life, God’s Masterpiece will light your soul on fire with Life Strategy Design activities to help you see who you are, how you’re made and where the world needs it most.

Yoga flow class for all levels and Power Yoga. Both classes are a worship experience on the mat!

Mindfulness Workshops on Facetime Live

How do you create still waters in your chaotic life?

Join 360º Life Strategist Donna Carlson for mindful coffee breaks throughout your busy week, designed so you can put the equanimity in a bag and take it back to work with you.

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