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”Your team is as strong as it’s weakest member. Happy people = greater impact.”


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Custom Workshops

What is the #1 greatest problem you need to solve with your team? Communication? Influence? Motivation? I can help. Let’s custom design a solution for your team.

Destination Retreats

Are you worn out? Do you wish you could clone yourself? I can show you how to create more time in your day by slowing down.

Custom Workshops

What keeps you awake at night concerning your team? Do you feel people are aligned with your mission or is something missing? I can create a workshop that will reset your team strategy for velocity and impact.

Executive Presence

One of the top reasons why women bust the glass ceiling and then fail is this one simple word: confidence. How does a leader balance strength with kindness? How does a woman show up with power in a male-dominated workplace? Your presence as a leader comes from within. You already have it. This workshop is created to unlock your inner warrior.

Insight Assessments

Do you know your leadership blind spots? What behaviors are derailing your team’s progress? Self-awareness is the meta skill of this century? We can use assessments like DISC, Driving Forces, Insight or Benchmarks 360º to unlock the seeds of sabotage and rewrite the scripts for team success.

Mindfulness & Balance

How often do you walk into a room and forget why you’re there? How long will you stare at a blank document wondering how to harvest the brilliant words that you know are in your head? To speed up, especially where creativity is involved, you have to slow down. Mindfulness and meditation is the key to unlocking the deep well of creativity that’s already in you. Donna is a master yoga instructor with 20 years of experience in holistic balance education.

Destination Retreats

360º Life Strategies is working on a series of Life Strategy Design Retreats in destination locations like The Garden of the Gods Resort in Colorado Springs, a renovated chateau in the south of France and in 2021 a villa in Tuscany. If you are interested in being on our mail list for these retreats, sign up here.

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Benchmarks® 360º Assessments by The Center for Creative Leadership

DISC, EQ and Driving Forces by TTI Success Insights

Tasha Eurich’s Insight assessment for increasing self awareness

Leading leadership curricula from the John Maxwell Team

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