360º Mastermind Groups

The three top secrets to success include a specific purpose, expert knowledge and a mastermind of people invested in the same purpose. 360º masterminds are created to help you purpose take flight: all of them are 5 women, 5 weeks, $555

Women on Fire

Create a purpose and a plan

You have a life, but do you have a strategy?  Join a group of four other high-performing women to learn from each other how to create a path from your present to your designed future. We have mastermind groups forming in specific areas including healthcare management, writing your first book and scaling your business for growth. Sign up here and we’ll match you with the minds that will make your life soar.

Launch Your Dreams

Put your dream to the test

Do you have a dream? Do you wonder if your dream has any hope of seeing the light of day? Join four other women who are already working on their Life Strategy Map to refine and focus your vision using material from John Maxwell’s best-selling book, Put Your Dream to the Test.

Million Dollar Women

Getting more women to $1m

A millionaire entrepreneur friend of mine asked, “Why aren’t more women making $1million?” We’re forming a posse of smart women to change that. Join a group of four other seven-digit business owners who want to create community, synergy and scalability for other entrepreneurs. Our vision is a community of high-performing women kicking glass in business. Join the 7 digit club.

Yoga Workshops & Retreats

Women’s Transformation Weekend

Every time I’ve held a one day workshop on creating a plan for an intentional life, my clients ask me if I plan do do this over a long weekend. Voila! Your Life, God’s Masterpiece will light your soul on fire with Life Strategy Design activities to help you see who you are, how you’re made and where the world needs it most. What will you do with your one wild and crazy life? Let’s make it count.

Yoga, hiking, and creative options for everyone.

Metamorphosis Retreats

Restorative wine & yoga experience

Are you tired? Need balance in your life? Crave authentic connection with friends and greater purpose in your work? 360º Life Strategies is creating destination retreats to bring new wine to old wineskins and rest to your weary soul. We are currently planning retreats in Colorado and the wine country outside Paris. Let’s stay in touch.

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