You are a powerful working woman,
and it’s not just about the shoes.

But, girl, when you have those shoes on, you can change the world. You know how to rock the work you’re in. When you’re at the top of your game, you’re unstoppable. It can be exhausting, though. Right? Especially if integrating work, life, faith … and being good at all of it… is not happening. On Sunday you can’t wait for Monday to come, until the day you realize that Sundays don’t last as long as they used to. I’ve been there. One day I was leaving a meeting downtown, running to my car before the meter ran out, rushing to make it to another meeting … and I had an epiphany. 

Women running in high heels. That’s who we are.

We’re running companies, teams, families and households. Chief, cook and bottle washer. We didn’t grow up with examples about how to do both worlds well. We learned about leadership from a perfume commercial that told us we can bring home the bacon, fry it and still look sexy. Girlfriend, somehow in picking up speed on the career highway, YOU got left behind. You’re not sure you’re in the right role for the right reasons, you’re just hustling to keep up.

This is not just about your work life, it’s about your whole life.

If you’re done being last on your list…

If you’re finished with the brain fog of overwork…

If you’ve decided to stop letting the monkey control your mind…


I recently attended Donna’s Life & Leadership 360 workshop. By the end of the day, I had rediscovered and reconnected with so many facets of myself. I gained clarity in my thoughts and actions and am ready for my “next steps”. Donna is a class act – she’s sharp, thought-provoking, inquisitive, insightful, supportive yet holds you accountable. All the qualities of a great coach. I truly enjoyed learning with Donna and highly recommend this experience for others! 

Liz Killian Scott

BeingHR Consulting

It’s special when you come across a remarkable coach like Donna. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Donna for over 7 years now, and in that time I’ve witnessed her passion for and skill in helping women design holistic life strategies to get them from where they are to where they deeply desire to be. I am particularly impressed by Donna’s ability to sense the underlying issues and weave together practical strategies that best support her clients. That skill often takes eons to develop, but it comes completely natural for her. Yes, Donna has the coaching certifications to separate her from the pack, but what’s more is that she’s real, she’s genuine, and she’s deeply committed to helping women design their own masterpiece life. You’ll be glad to have her in your corner!

Cassandra Shepard

Executive Coach

Donna’s mastermind group helped me find clarity, expand my creativity, and build up the courage for next steps in my personal and professional life. Donna has a gift for creating community. The ladies that she hand picked and brought together to form our mastermind were the perfect match! Donna created an environment of transparency and vulnerability which resulted in all of us feeling confident and comfortable sharing openly and honestly. Donna’s curriculum is brilliant! It is thought provoking and led me to discover values, making connections I was struggling with, and solve problems in my personal and professional life.

Cathy Matthynssens

Entrepreneur and Senior Division Manager, Park Lane Jewelry

You probably think you’re the only one, but you’re not. I’ve got news for you…

You think nobody else understands what you have to balance to keep all the plates spinning. You are the only one in the room who has to check step out of a leadership team meeting to make sure the kids got home from school.

One of the life strategies we’ve created for the professional woman is a collection of stories as proof that the challenges you face, we face too, and we’ll conquer them together. All the women on this podcast are just like you.

So, grab a glass of wine and join us for this weekly Wednesday happy hour podcast, on Apple, Spotify, RadioPublic and just about everywhere you listen.

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