What if you could push RESET on your life?

Have you ever asked for a re-do? Have you ever said something in a meeting and then asked if you could rewind and say it another way? Have you ever hit a stalemate in your career or business and asked for a do-over? I did. After 20 years of planning what I wanted to...

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the #1 most valuable life strategy: the neuroRx

It was about five years ago. My husband wanted his wife back. I had no joy, no desire (uhem, at all) and no motivation. He sent me to a counselor to talk about getting antidepressants. The counselor had a lot of experience with women and depression and I'm forever...

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Purpose, the key ingredient to wine and life

Did you know, Beautiful, that Mary Poppins didn’t come to save the children? She came to save their father. I promise you will see in a few seconds how this connects with winemaking. Last Sunday, I randomly hit play on Saving Mr. Banks in Netflix, thinking it was a...

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What does it mean to abide? Lessons from the grapevine.

I'll bet you know the other half of this statement. You've seen it on the front of learning institutions all your life...and in the Bible. I’ll bet you have it memorized even. Try me out. “You shall know the truth… You know the second half. You're saying it in your...

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What the Duck?

I'm watching big snowflakes fall as I write this, wondering what else will fall--or hit the fan--when I make this confession. Four weeks into the new year I am finding words dancing on my tongue that are not standard issue in the workplace… or in the carpool lane. I...

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a thousand words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but  there are so many good words in the world. If you like my blog, you will like my inspiration. Check out my Book Club.