Are you wishing you could hit “restart” on your year?

There's nothing we can blame on the holidays. Life is in full swing. If you are like me in years past, though, you'd like to press START one more time. Not this year. There are a few things I left behind in 2018. Every once in a while I find one of them knocking at...

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Are you making this easier than it is?

We might be making this easier than it is. Beautiful, do you ever wonder if everyone got the memo and you didn't? Three weeks into the year and the list harangues you. You at that cheesy caramel popcorn that you swore you wouldn't touch. And had a little too much...

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Goal Check

We're two weeks in, Beautiful, and I wonder if you are one of the 8% still tracking with your goals. That's what Inc. Magazine wrote this week...that of the 60 % of humans to set goals, only 8% achieve them. Have you blown it yet? WHEW. I hope you said yes, so I'm not...

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Here’s a Guaranteed Plan to Fail

It's that time of year when we look back to see what we've accomplished and we take the days after Christmas to plot a strategy for the new year. I've made it a point this week to study people who study success and this list really hit me between the eyes. Here's my...

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The Greatest Gift

What are you wishing to find under the tree? After 21 years of rushing downstairs to open all the presents, beckoning with bows and tinsel, this Christmas the best gift is coming not on a sleigh, but on an airplane. Our daughter, our first baby, will arrive home from...

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a thousand words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but  there are so many good words in the world. If you like my blog, you will like my inspiration. Check out my Book Club.