About Donna Carlson

Photo credit: Wendy Pearce Nelson  

I grew up wanting to be a super model. Thankfully, I was too short for the runway and decided to be a journalist. That led to a 25-year high-tech PR career, which gave me a window into the people problems that disable organizations.

When I learned that the way to fix dysfunctional organizations is to help their people thrive, I made a radical change and started pursuing a master’s degree in holistic leadership development. I moved from the communications department of a global non-profit to spend a few years in what I like to call the “candy store of leadership learning” at The Center for Creative Leadership. I left in June 2017 enriched and empowered to launch 360º Life Strategies for one simple reason:

“I believe to have great impact in work and life, you must bring 100% of yourself to the game.”

My sole (soul) purpose is to help professionals create strategies to harmonize work and life 360 degrees — at work, at home and inside. I do this through training teams, coaching privately and creating retreats using the art of winemaking (thus the wine in the picture) as a metaphor for cultivating noble character. The retreats are just for women (sorry, guys) because there is an exponential effect that only happens when women get together for a purpose. Men are great! I love them, been married to one for 25 years, but I spend most of my research and writing on women because many sources can validate the fact that organizations with women in leadership roles are more financially successful. The skills and the resolve that are keeping women from leading roles can be learned. I have three daughters and a hard-wired determination to equip the female leaders of our future. I work in partnership with organizations like eWomen, The Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber, Polka Dot Powerhouse and as a local chair for 4Word Women.