Photo credit: Wendy Pearce Nelson  

I grew up wanting to be a super model. When I learned I was too short for the runway, I decided to be a journalist, then retire and live in France as a sommelier. When I hadn’t reached that goal at 50, I knew something had to shift in my strategy.

When you spend 50 years working really hard to make someone else rich, a kind of cancer starts to grow in your soul. That was me in 2017 about three months after my 50th birthday. I started accepting second best in college, when instead of majoring in magazine journalism, I opted for public relations because it made me “more marketable” according to my advisors.

25 years in PR gave me a window into many dysfunctional organizations, which motivated me to make a radical change and get a master’s degree in holistic leadership development. In June of 2017, after a few years in the candy store of leadership learning at The Center for Creative Leadership, I launched 360º Life Strategies for one simple reason:

“I believe to have great impact in work and life, you must bring 100% of yourself to whatever you do.”

Now I help professional women achieve balance spirit, soul and body so they can create a strategy to make their whole life great. Do you see the word “life” in the logo at the top of the page? Wonder about the colors in that logo? It’s a photo background of me with my three daughters living LIFE with a passion. I created that when I realized that I can’t call my life at work a success if I don’t call my life at home a success. I’m here to put the color back in your life too.