About Donna Carlson

Photo credit: Wendy Pearce Nelson  

I grew up wanting to be a super model. Thankfully for my own good, I was too short for the runway, thus beginning 30 years of moving from one job to the next for all the wrong reasons. I’ve had a fabulous time in hotel management, high-tech PR, researching orthogonal division multiplexing for a broadband analyst, and serving the global communication team for a global non-profit. On the bright side, I gained a lot of experiential wisdom before I figured out where my skills fit in the world (I’m not a model, but I have great taste in shoes).

I had just started pursuing a master’s degree in holistic leadership development when I moved to what I like to call the “candy store of leadership learning” — The Center for Creative Leadership. Ah, finally, she’s pursuing her life’s calling, right? Not even. Would you believe that I spent two years in a sales role before I realized that I keep putting myself in second best positions? I love my colleagues at CCL, but I had to leave to create the programs for women’s leadership that have been germinating in my soul for years. Here’s why:

“I believe to have great impact in work and life, you must bring 100% of yourself to the game.”

My sole (soul) purpose is to help women create strategies to harmonize work and life 360 degrees — at work, at home and on the inside. I do this through coaching, training and retreats using the art of winemaking (thus the wine in the picture) as a metaphor for cultivating the noble character of a leader. (I can customize this for your group.)

Women, we have been dealt a bad deck. There has never been a better time in history for you to grab a seat at the table. Some of us are stepping up. Have you seen the rise in female CEOs lately? But some of us are still on the sidelines, cheering on our sisters in gender but waiting for an invitation. Girl, there is no invitation. It’s yours already. Just take the chair! I’m working right now with several organizations of women to design education for inner leadership that will not only change your paradigm, it will change your life!

I have certifications too, which really mean that I sat in a classroom, did a little coaching and took a test, but they make people feel better about my “credentials” to hear that I have DISC, EQ and CCL Benchmarks 360 certifications that we can using in your coaching or team workshop. I also think the enneagram is an amazing tool for deep self-insight, which as Tasha Eurich would say, is the meta-skill of the century. When we invest this self-awareness in being a better citizen of the community, everyone wins.

And I mean everyone. I have a PhD. in “not enough” and I can tell you, “You are!” I have proof that when you’re better at work, you’re better at home. My husband Jeff and I just rounded 25 years of marriage, producing three really awesome nearly-grown daughters and a hard-wired determination to equip the female leaders of our future. I’m doing this as a connector and catalyst with tribes like eWomen, The Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber, Polka Dot Powerhouse and 4Word Women.