About Donna Carlson

Photo credit: Wendy Pearce Nelson  

I grew up wanting to be a super model. Thankfully, I was too short for the runway and decided to be a journalist. That led to a 25-year high-tech PR career, which gave me a window into the people problems that disable organizations.

When I learned that the way to fix dysfunctional organizations is to help their people thrive, I made a radical change and started pursuing a master’s degree in holistic leadership development. I moved from the communications department of a global non-profit to spend a few years in what I like to call the “candy store of leadership learning” at The Center for Creative Leadership. I left in June 2017 enriched and empowered to launch 360º Life Strategies for one simple reason:

“I believe to have great impact in work and life, you must bring 100% of yourself to the game.”

My sole (soul) purpose is to help professionals create strategies to harmonize work and life 360 degrees — at work, at home and on the inside. I do this through training, coaching privately and retreats using the art of winemaking (thus the wine in the picture) as a metaphor for cultivating the noble character of a leader. I love to customize the wine metaphor to create a unique team experience where we can explore behavior styles, drivers EQ and personality to revolutionize team results.

In addition to DISC, EQ and CCL Benchmarks 360 certifications, I have been a student of the enneagram leading studies on the subject for the past two years. My husband Jeff and I just rounded 25 years of marriage, producing three daughters and a hard-wired determination to equip the female leaders of our future. Our dog Riley is our only son.

I am a hard-wired connector and catalyst with a drive to build a better future together with tribes like eWomen, The Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber, Polka Dot Powerhouse and 4Word Women.