It’s good to be at the end of your rope.

How’s your knot holding today? My end-of-rope stories have varied from the end of my knowledge rope on a problem I can’t solve, to the end of my resilience rope when the issues are more, let’s say, human in nature. If we’re taking this metaphor literally, the end of your rope boasts a solid knot that gives you something strong to hang onto. The knot, the stronghold that keeps you from sliding into the abyss is God.

For some reason the days when I wake up feeling invincible are the days when I tend to fall on my face. The days when I say, “Well, God, it’s up to you,” are the days when miracles happen. The latest example I have is when I was traveling to present a two day workshop. For some reason despite the sleep aids I brought, I found it impossible to sleep. Walking into that workshop required a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of faith. Because I was working from a deficit of mental energy, I had to be more present than ever. I relied on just-in-time inspiration over perfect elocution and the workshop turned out better than it would if I’d executed it perfectly as planned.

I was at the end of my rope. The knot held and God came through. What are your end of rope stories? As Brene Brown would say, when we share our stories, the act of talking about our shame breaks its power over us. Share your story here. Let’s all be human together.