He’s food and drink in the best meal ever eat.


After three days in Paris, thinking I could live off of bread and cheese forever, I found myself craving a salad. I reached my max capacity for cheese, even wine! The food that I found so good for my soul was starting to incapacitate my taste buds.

This paints a fitting metaphor for the feast of the eyes that I’ve experienced in every cathedral in Paris and Versailles. More than the bread and cheese of bricks and mortar, the magnificent works of art in Paris were created to invoke worship, yet when I gaze on this artisan handiwork I wonder how many who kneel here know the Shepard personally?

How many know what the fresh streams that the psalmist writes about (42)? How many of the penitents passing through these cathedral doors are thirsting for God? I snapped this picture from The Saint Louis Cathedral I Versailles because it was the only work of art that captured the way I see Jesus – my friend and shepherd. He’s better than cheese and baguettes. He’s better than fine wine. He’s the best meal we can eat.