Then you can see God in the outside world.

Took a lovely stroll down the Canterbury Canal this morning to clear my mind.

I have a tendency to operate out of my head. I actually thought this was a sign of intelligence and good business until I realized that God wants me to love the Lord with all my heart, soul and strength between Sundays too. This syncs beautifully with the research that Tasha Eurich brings to the world concerning self insight. “Self-awareness is the meta skill of the 21st century,” she says in her book Insight.

The more I talk to leaders, the more I realize that confidence has a lot to do with creating the soil in our hearts to lead. At a recent conference for women entrepreneurs, one executive coach found that 90% of women she met with during the conference struggle with not being enough. An executive director of a non-profit in Colorado Springs told me that she used to be so confident, but she finds that she’s growing less confident with age.

As long as we’re telling the truth here, I struggle every day with feeling good enough, smart enough, credentialed enough to live our calling. That was a real hurdle for me until I realized that…well, go back to Be-Attitude #1. We cannot be what God designed us to be when it’s all about us. Our insides will not be fixed until we realize it’s not about who we are or how we feel, our ability to live God’s version of our lives starts with just being a vessel. When we believe why we’re here and Who is in charge, the rest just works itself out.

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