That’s when you discover who you really are, and your place in God’s family.

One of the many lessons I learned working with the brilliant people at The Center for Creative Leadership is that there is more than one right answer. If you take the same problem to five different PhDs, you will get five great solutions. I just had the pleasure of reliving that honor with one of my CCL colleagues in London — a great example of a brilliant mind who breaks barriers as an executive and a mother.

We talked about toxic issues with competition. Isn’t it crazy that the very person who you expect to be your cheerleader on the corporate ladder is actually the one who tears you down? It’s even more mystifying that it’s not a man trying to defend his top post, but a woman! (Not at CCL, of course!)

You know, don’t you, that the woman clawing to hold you back is not better or smarter, she’s actually insecure. She’s the one who believes the glass ceiling still exists. The leader in this confrontation is not the one trying to dominate; it’s the one showing how to cooperate. Hang out with the women who have decided to stop staring at the ceiling. We’re building something bigger.

It’s just a few days away, but it’s not too late to join us on September 20 to kick off the 4word Colorado Springs fall series on rest for weary working women. Register here. Let’s build something together that’s bigger than anything we could build alone.