You are almost where you want to be,

but something is missing.

Or like a racehorse held behind the start gate, you have so much more to give…
You love your work, but your priorities are constantly competing —
tactical matters are constantly sabotaging your strategic focus.


You’re the only woman at the table.
How do you lead and stay authentically YOU?

You give and give because people depend on you.
You come home and glance at the treadmill …
and decide to pour a glass of wine instead.

It’s time to stop wearing exhaustion as a status symbol.

You feel sometimes like life is happening to you.
Your creativity is still there somewhere, right?
You crave inner peace, resiliency and courage…

There’s freedom in…
a clear purpose,
a focused mind,
a thought partner
and a strategy.

These are stories I’ve heard

from women like YOU.

I’ve been there and I can help.


I’ll help you design your Life Strategy…by talking about how to make a fine wine. 

what’s working…or not
My coaching approach to creating your life strategy starts with getting a clear picture of what’s working…or not. We use the 360º Life Map to take a look at the soil of our life, weed out what’s not contributing to our growth and cultivate what’s working.

how you’re made to thrive
Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here if everything was working. How are you made to thrive? We will explore how well you are tending your vineyard — mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Together we will design a life-giving plan.


what’s next
Once you have a clear picture of what you’re made of and how you can move from surviving to thriving, we move into creating a vision for where you are going. With the wine maker’s intent in mind, we design the strategy that gets you from here to there.

The program involves a two day intensive followed by a six month rhythm of coaching to keep your goals and your mind on track. Are you ready to hit the reset button?

$5,000 single payment discount
or six monthly payments of $1,000