Are you like me? Life brings crushing events, circumstances, betrayals, abandonment…and we think we’ve been let out the back door. How many times have you been invited to leave …a job, a volunteer position, a friendship…and heard all but “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”?. It’s crushing. Today’s podcast bring a new hope to your disappointment.

Do you realize that it’s AFTER the winemaker chooses the grapes that are going to make a fine batch of wine that the grapes are crushed. There is no fine wine without crushing. Likewise, there is no great purpose in your life or mine without the refining work that happens in the crushing, the pressing…the process of making new wine. I’ve been invited to leave a job I loved. I was crushed by that departure and the loss of friendships in the aftermass, but that crushing was necessary to launch me into the work I do now. I’ve been crushed by friends who decide I’m not worth the time…literally stopped sending me birthday cards because I desired more in friendship than she wanted to give. That crushing has made me a better friend – more present, more aware, more caring than I ever was before.

Where have you been crushed? Are you being crushed right now? Are you afraid to let anyone in on your pain?

Listen to my story on Women, Work & Wine Wednesday and a few excerpts from the new book from T.D. Jakes called Crushing, filled with the same rich wine metaphor we use in the New Wine Retreats for Women.