I remember the end of my first year in a high-stakes sales role. I blew my goal out of the water…and I told my whole family at Thanksgiving how happy I was in my new job. The following week, my boss sat me down to review the year. “I’m concerned,” he said. “You hit your recurring revenue goals but your new revenue goals are dangerously low.” I was shocked silent. How was I so convinced I was a rock star? I thought they were going to feature me as new team member of the year. How could I be so wrong?

The season is coming for end-of-year performance reviews and crucial conversations. Let’s face it…some of those conversations are at work and sometimes it’s the conversation at the family table on Thanksgiving that we need to prepare for most. Are you ready?

I’ve learned some valuable lessons about

  • self-awareness
  • emotional agility
  • the art of difficult conversations.

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