Job loss is no different than any other loss. You will go through the full spectrum of emotions in the grief cycle. It’s important to expect that so you can be prepared.

In Nick Petrie’s Work Without Stress, the same principles apply when you are out of work. You have to get above it and objectively watch the swirling waters of unfairness, unforgiveness and unintentional harm. If you boss acts like a … (rhymes with Rick), it’s not personal. They say, “It’s only business.” You want to reply, “I’m only human!” Yeah, there is no humanity in business … mostly because angry people go hire lawyers, and that costs businesses a lot of money. We have to change the world a bit if we’re going to change business.

So, what do you do with these swirling emotions? Get yourself out of the middle. Stop the blaming. Move into reinvention mode. Do a little self analysis:

  • How could I have seen this coming?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • Who is willing to endorse me?

While you are at it, the negative emotions will want to pull you under like a rip tide. You will want to sleep all day and eat cookie batter. The best thing you can do is go for a hike, shower, get dressed (you look really hot) and go talk to people about positive things.

Are you in transition and needing support? Message me on Linked In if you want to join a transition support group. We have them live in Colorado and virtually in virtually anywhere with Skype. Fear forward, feel the shame and rise above it. You are worth it.