We’re two weeks in, Beautiful, and I wonder if you are one of the 8% still tracking with your goals. That’s what Inc. Magazine wrote this week…that of the 60 % of humans to set goals, only 8% achieve them. Have you blown it yet?

WHEW. I hope you said yes, so I’m not alone.

By now the kids are back to school and you’ve started to settle into a new routine. A few of you told me you took my advice to start the new year on the 7th because before that we were still on holiday. The 7th has come and gone, we’re on the 5th day of what I call the real first week of the year. I still have not checked off all 5 of the “things I must do today.”


Am I going to sigh and admit I didn’t make the 8%? Nope. Let me tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to change my daily rhythms to 3 things I must do and I’ll rotate the other two.

Setting new goals is not about the proverbial line in the sand. It’s more like writing a budget. You estimate and adjust. Estimate and adjust.

Share your trick with the rest of us. I’d love to know how you are handling new goals and commitments. I have two masterminds this week — one where I’m leading a group of women to design a life strategy and another I’m following a guy who has been wildly successful. I’m a copycat. I like to see what’s working for others AND DO IT. What are you up to?

On that note, I have a favor. You are my peeps. Can you think of anyone who is trying to figure out how to take her life up a notch? Would you encourage a friend to take my quiz at www.360lifestrategies.com?

Thanks and have a FANTASTIC 2nd half of the first month of 2019! Let’s make it a great year!