This week marks a line in the proverbial sand for me, which is what happens when we get clarity about who we are and what we’re doing. Since I coach others, I have a coach keeping my path straight and he asks hard questions. Really hard questions. That’s what you hire a coach for. We don’t hire a coach because we want someone to tell us how smart we are.

The nation of Israel hired a coach. His name was Isaiah. Really he wasn’t hired so much as appointed, but he was really good at asking the hard questions and laying down some tough answers. He didn’t beat around the bush, but there was always an upside. “Herds of camels will come to you,” he said. An abundance of wealth if only you do the right thing.

Think on that a minute. I’ve spend half a life doing what I thought someone wanted me to do, inserting my unique value proposition, only to find that when I work for someone else they’re not much interested in my unique value. They’re interested in how I fulfill what’s in the job description. I can waste a lot of time dancing around corporate priorities, saying, “hey, look what I can do,” but they don’t look because they have stuff to do.

No camels for me.

When I do the right thing, what I’m made to do, I won’t be exhausted by all the dancing, striving and proving. When I do what I’m supposed to do, what I’m made to do, herds of camels will come to me. Again for emphasis.

When I do what I’m made to do, herds of camels will come to me.

It’s so important to know in designing a beautiful life that exhaustion is a status symbol that the world has made up. It’s not an indicator of success. When you’re on the right path, have the right strategy, it’s not simple, but it’s easy.

My question to you is: are you paying attention to the indicators in your life? Are you doing what feels easy, even though it’s hard, because it’s what you’re made to do? Or are you caught in the wash cycle of striving and perfection? If the hustle has overtaken your dream, maybe it’s time we talk.


Photo credit: Steven Su