That’s a line from one of my family’s favorite Christmas movies: “Isn’t it beautiful this time of year? All that snow?” White Christmas used to be the movie I fell asleep to every year and then came Netflix… once I could watch it earlier in the day I actually started following the story line about knights and white horses, which reminds me.

Today’s December 1. What effect do those words have on your soul?

If December were a day of the week, it would be a Sunday. A day of rest and worship. In our house a day for family. It can be a day of excitement or dread. If I love my job, it’s the day I gear up and prepare for the week. If I hate my job, it’s the day I become unconscionably grumpy because the world is going to hit me with full force in the morning.

What do December and White Christmas have in common?

There’s another kind of dread that December brings as the Sunday of my year. It’s the expectation of Christmas. Whether Christmas at your house looks like White Christmas or Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation, December starts to conjur up expectations. It stirs memories and puts all your expectations on a stage.

When I was young and single, December was a dreaded month because without parents in the world I didn’t know where I’d land for Christmas. My sisters would always welcome me at their house, but that wouldn’t keep me from sulking that I don’t have a home to go home to. I remember being single in Dallas, driving back to my apartment after a meeting at church. I’d drive through the really fancy neighborhood, pulled into the story of every house lit up for dinner like a Thomas Kincade “painter of light” painting. I longed to go in and sit at one of those dinner tables and have a mom ask me about my work, about my love life, about that thing on my foot.

Later in life with my own family I started building traditions, creating my own warm hearth for others to admire from the curb. We’ve had some fabulous memories, but there’s also a strange burden I’ve placed on my own back in the past to create those memories like a project at work with a project plan and a workflow. I’d get so wrapped around the traditions I was trying to create that I’d often forget to actually enjoy the holiday.

If this December brings any of those monkeys back in your life, I invite you to sit a spell. Drink some eggnog. Pet the dog. Enjoy the lights on the tree. Make this December the best Sunday of your year. Whatever you’ve been putting off for January, why not start today being the person you want to be?

Don’t think for a minute you should do it alone. I’d love to walk this journey with you and help you design a strategy to make every Sunday in your life the best day of the week. Give me a call. Let’s chat.


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