Two weeks ago I stepped out of the train station in Paris looking fabulous and hoping someone would discover me as the fashion model I always wanted to be. With my hair bouncing in the breeze, my scarf flying behind me, I focused my eyes on the taxi stand and… stepped right into a pot hole. First ten minutes in Paris with a bloodied knee, I limped and laughed my way over to the taxi stand. There’s a reason I’m not a fashion model.

I heard a story this week about the difference between a purpose and a plan. There’s a guy named Jeremiah who used to interpret messages from God. At one point he told the nation of Israel, “Hang tight. God has a plan for you.” For thousands of years people have quoted this story, claiming there is a plan, but a teacher named Kris Vallotton tells it a different way. Is there one best plan for my life?

Is life like a game show, where you have to choose between door number one, door number two and door number three? Have I chosen the right door? It wasn’t fashion modeling. It wasn’t being a wireless analyst either. I knew how to spell orthogonal frequency division multiplexing but I had no business speaking on the subject at wireless shows. I can tell you many things it was NOT for me. My last ride on the corporate carousel taught me maybe the most important lesson I could learn. After working in the learning and development industry with the world’s smartest teachers, I learned,

There’s more than one right answer. 

What if there is a purpose that I’m uniquely designed to fulfill…and multiple possible ways to carry it out? Having a plan doesn’t mean deciding that you have all the answers. Having a plan just means you have a blueprint to get from here to there. You’ll assess along the way, correct course and readjust. There’s freedom in having a plan if you know your purpose.

Many of the conversations I’ve had in the past week are related to purpose and authenticity. One indication that you’ve lost hold of your purpose is losing the spirit of a child to dream, to soar in your imagination. That’s why I love this picture of a little girl dreaming that one day she’ll fly. If she keeps building her blueprint, her dream will one day be a reality.

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