If you are in transition, you are likely struggling with the difference between intangible concepts like vocation and career. Giving full credit to Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Magic Lessons which you must read … there is a difference between these things: Job, Vocation, Hobby, Career.

I’ll let you check out her full post for the details, but the epiphany for me and 360º Life Strategies is that your strategy will take take into account all four of these as possible feeders for one another – what a wholistic approach!! This is elemental understanding for me as I coach people in transition. Even I as I complete my master’s degree might work as an Uber driver for a JOB to fund my ability to finish school and build a business.

But as I create that path, I look for jobs that feed my path – provide tuition reimbursement or connections that can feed my future. If you don’t have a strategy for crossing that bridge, you are at the sad mercy of how you feel today.

Are you in transition? I’m starting a connection forum for people who are gaining their sea legs in this state of uncertainty in the middle of the bridge. If you’re interested send me a private message and I’ll send you an invitation.