Yesterday was declared to be World Mental Health Day by the World Health Organization. I got so many responses to this newsletter article, I thought my LinkedIn family might benefit. Why is mental health awareness important to me?

One of the very reasons I created 360º Life Strategies is because my mom was mentally ill, both parents were addicted to alcohol and ended their lives early. My mission in life is to bring freedom to those shackled by mental illness and depression so more kids have grandparents, more daughters have mothers and fathers. If you didn’t read last week’s blog on why we need to bring crazy out of the closet, read it now on LinkedIn.

If you don’t struggle with depression or anxiety, I’m doing the Snoopy dance for you. I have a PhD in depression and anxiety. These torments of the mind have sabotaged many opportunities in my career. Chances are that someone around you struggles like I have. Here’s how you can help.

Watch. Do you see someone having a hard time focusing on a task? Have you noticed an absent-minded body habit, like chewing their cuticles to shreds? Crying unexpectedly?

Ask. Most people won’t do this. It’s like that statistic that if one person witnesses a crime, they will intervene. If a group witnesses a crime, everyone suspects that someone else will call the police. If you witness someone under water, will you just stand there? Ask them if there’s something going on that might be making it hard to focus.

Share. You don’t need to have all the answers. You can always send them to the National Alliance for Mental Illness or to the Depression and BiPolar Support Alliance, where I’m a volunteer. A lot of what makes us crazy is based on our thought life. Send them Battle Strategies to Renew Your Mind by Joyce Meyer or help them switch on their brain with neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf.

Most of all, they need to know they are not alone. It’s up to you and me to #CureStigma around mental illness and let them know there is no normal. If we talk about it out loud, it loses the mystery and power it holds over us. Will you join me in helping people understand life might be crazy as usual, but that doesn’t mean you’re insane? If anyone needs to talk, I’m here.